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Our mission is to preserve the history and historic

buildings of Lisbon for the aesthetic and economic benefit of our community.

Originally created in 2007 as a subcommittee of the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce, the Lisbon Landmark Foundation has always worked to preserve and restore the historic buildings of Lisbon.  Their initial project was the building at 120 North Market Street, which they managed to obtain from the Firestone Bank and restore.  This building now serves as the main office for both the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lisbon Landmark Foundation.


Following that project, however, the founding members pursued different projects and the Landmark Foundation took a hiatus until its reemergence in 2018 as a new independent entity.  


The current members of the Lisbon Landmark Foundation Board of Directors are:

Barb DeCort, President

Stevie Halverstadt, Vice-president

Jeff DeCort, Secretary

Autumn Burnett, Treasurer

Angela Pollock

Joe Vitko

Kim Halverstadt

Mark Hamilton

Peter Wilson

Robert Richey

Tom McKenna

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Lisbon Landmark Foundation has also started a Friends of the Foundation e-mail list for those that want to help out but cannot attend all the meetings.  To stay up to date with our work or to help out, please enter your e-mail address at the bottom of this page to be added as a Friend of the Foundation or like us on Facebook.

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