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Current Projects:

The Lisbon Landmark Foundation currently has two building under renovation. One is the Nace Building located at 111 and 115 North Market Street in Lisbon. The second is the Garrettson Building located at the corner of N. Market and E. Chestnut streets. Read further to find out what progress has been made.

The Lisbon Landmark Foundation is in the process of applying for grants to help with the costs of the restoration, but we also need the support of the community.  To help us, please consider donating to the Lisbon Landmark Foundation or volunteering your time or skills or even just attending one of our fun events.  Help us help Lisbon!

The Nace Building

Built in 1850, this building is known as the Nace Building, after the Nace Pharmacy which was its most prominent occupant.  It contains two commercial storefronts on the first floor and residential apartments on the second.  

However, due to years of neglect, the Nace Building is in need of a full restoration in order to stabilize its structure and to make the storefronts and apartments economically relevant for Lisbon again.  As recently as 2016, this building was eyed for demolition, but the location and the interconnected design of the rest of the buildings on the block means that the other buildings next to it are structurally dependent on the Nace Building.

Additionally, the location of the Nace Building at the base of Market Street and the center of Lisbon's downtown historic district puts it at a position of prominence.  Stopping at the stop light at the center of town, the Nace Building is right there.  With a proper restoration, the Nace Building can once again be a focal point and a point of pride for the village of Lisbon.


Restoration Update: LLF received funding to replace the windows and doors. Work should begin Spring/Summer 2022. 

The Garrettson Building

The Garretson Building was built nearly 200 years ago, and was damaged in a fire in November 2018. The building was subsequently donated to the Foundation by former owner Dan and Ruth Brown. The Foundation officially acquired the Garrettson Building in 2021 and work has already begun. While there is fire damage, the building is solid and fully capable of being restored. In order to protect the building from rain and snow, the Garrettson Building had it's trusses rebuilt and a new roof installed. Gutters, flashing, and rainspouts will be installed at a later date as funds become available. In order to to further stabilize the building, a new main beam was placed on the first floor. The next project will be the replacement of the Garrettson Building's windows.


The foundation is seeking grants and donations to continue it's important work on both the Garrettson and Nace buildings. Please see the information above to see how you can help.

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